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Here at Spine & Osteoarthritis Center of Texas in Pearland TX, we differentiate ourselves by providing our patients an “individualized” and “synergistic” health care. This is analogous to peanut butter and jelly – you don’t have to have both, but it complements each other well. Every patient’s needs are unique, which means they need an individualized solution. Our office has multiple specialists who will work together to prescribe the most effective care plan. Our team of neurologists, pain specialists and physical therapists focuses on surgical alternatives for conditions of low back pain, neck pain and knee arthritis. Visit us in-person. You have nothing to lose, but the pain!


Avoid Knee Replacement

In as little as five weeks, your knee pain may be reduced or possibly eliminated - without a lifetime dependency on oral medications. Click to learn more

Avoid Back Surgery

At Spine & OsteoArthritis Center of Texas, you will find a unique and comprehensive approach to healing. Click to learn more


Fill out the on-line pain survey in the privacy of your own home at your convenience.  The doctor will review it and one of our staff members will contact you.

If you have been told your only alternative is surgery or you are tired of adjusting your lifestyle to deal with pain, Spine & OsteoArthritis Center of Texas offers a private consultation to see if our non-surgical approach can relieve your pain.

Click here to schedule a private consultation. Or call the Spine & OsteoArthritis Center of Texas at 832-243-4969.